Scudder Publishing Group, LLC offers a variety of high-impact advertising opportunities in its news publications, executive conferences and on this website, Energymetro.com.

 Primary readership of The Risk Desk (formerly Energy Metro Desk) is made up of senior-level executives (most have titles of director, VP or above) in charge of energy trading risk management, policy and compliance,  strategic and tactical planning, business development, IT, marketing, sales and finance in the competitive energy, energy finance and tech sectors. The publication is read by upwards of 7,000 people on each scheduled publishing day. 

Readers of our weekly The Desk and Early View natural gas trading and storage reportsare primarily North American natural gas and power traders and brokers, gas and power marketers, risk managers, analysts of all kinds and associated industry executives. The publications are read by upwards of 10,000 people on each scheduled publishing day. 

We provide digital advertising space in the form of banner and sidebar ads on Energymetro.com. We also offer combination advertising and promotional packages involving website banners and display ads in our trader weekly, The Desk and in our bi-weekly Risk Desk electronic magazine. Contact us for more information at 410-923-0688 or email us at Subscriptions@scudderpublishing.com

2016 Risk Desk Digital Display Ads Rates. (For rates in The Desk, call us)

                                                     1X                 4X               8X               12X             24X

Full Page                                       $5,200         4,570          4,000          3,550          3,100

2/3 Page                                       $4,600         4,000          3,500          3,100          2,700

1/2 Page Horizontal/Vert.        $4,200          3,750          3,200          2,800          2,400

1/3 Page Square                          $3,200          2,800          2,450          2,150          1,800

1/6                                                  $2,000          1,750          1,550          1,350          1,250


2016 Website Ad Sizes & Prices (top banners and side banners)

Top/Bottom Banner: 728X90 pixels ($800/mo $2,500/qtr $7,500/yr)

Side banner (Right): 250X250 pixels ($400/mo $1,000/qtr $3,000/yr)

 Contact us for more information on advertising rates at 410-923-0688 or subscriptions@scudderpublishing.com.